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Madeleine Gross is a Toronto-based artist who seeks to explore how the abstract interacts with the everyday in her colorful, imaginative artworks. A graduate of The Ontario College of Art and Design where she gained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography, Madeleine applies gesture, texture, color and strokes with paint with the idea of emulating an immersive reality for viewers and in turn induces the sensation of actually being there just by looking. For Gross, inspiration is found in the nature that surrounds us, memories, and in people going about their everyday (sunbathing at the beach or simply walking the city streets) depictions of oceans and skies are the subjects of her work. Within the varied and inspiring pockets of the physical world, Gross attempts to create new narratives, by adding a few bright strokes of paint to her pictures. Using different colors to reflect the mood, she gives her photos a very visceral, tangible quality. Merging the reality of the honest photograph with her abstract artwork, Gross offers viewers a more playful, cheerful way of seeing the world. Beyond this, her seemingly swift licks of paint add depth, texture and the feeling of movement to her work. “I am trying to emulate an immersive reality for viewers and induce the sensation of actually being there just by looking” Gross explains. Indeed, her added layers of paint enhance the natural landscape, making the real seem ever more beautiful. (via

Select Collaborators/Clients: KitKat Canada, Fashion Magazine Canada, LE LIS BLANC, Coveteur, Roads Group, Ipsy, i-D Magazine, Nike Air Society

Select Press: CBC Arts, Coveteur, Fashion Magazine, i-D, Konbini, Ignant, Saatchi Art, Interview Magazine Germany, The Kit

Solo & Group Exhibitions:

2018- The Other Art Fair presented by Saatchi Art New York, NY
2017- OFY Wynwood, Featured Artist for Art Basel, Miami, FL
2017- Spectrum Miami Art Show, Art Basel, Miami, FL
2017- Live Artist at Finchley Group x Andersons event, Toronto, ON
2017- Abstract Realities by Madeleine Gross, UV Shop, Toronto, ON
2017- Kensington Market Art Fair, Toronto, ON
2017- Building up Together, Toronto, ON
2017- Kit and Ace x Madeleine Gross Artist Feature, Toronto, ON
2016- PI Creative Art Gallery, contributing artist for Prints On Demand, Online
2016- Baredecks, Nude x Vision Streetwear for Canadian Cancer Society, Toronto, ON
2016- Collectif Nude Gallery Launch, Toronto, ON
2015- Art on the Dock, Haliburton, ON
2015- Bazaar by Bratlist, Super Wonder Gallery, Toronto, ON
2015- OCAD University Graduate Exhibition, Toronto, ON


2015 – B.F.A. Photography, OCAD University, Toronto, ON

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